Session 2: Leadership in Adversity – Give Up, Give In or Give it Your All?

Michael Teoh Su Lim is the Founding CEO of Thriving Talents, a globally recognized & award-winning company, that assists leaders in organizations to develop the largest workforce – The Millennials, to become more Productive & Profitable in their work.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, when most corporate trainings were stopped, Michael led the Thriving Talents Team to pivot from their usual corporate consulting, teambuilding and employee training, to help the sales teams of SMEs ‘Market & Sell’ Better & Boost the Performance of Work-from-Home Staffs. The initiative helped 150 SMEs generate 5- to 6-figure revenue within the first month of the MCO being declared.

Due to this, Michael has been featured as a ‘Key Opinion Leader’ by various newspapers including The Star and SME Magazine on topics related to ‘Sales Performance, People Productivity & Business Sustainability’. He was also listed as the No.1 Entry for the Top 100 People You Should Follow On LinkedIn in Malaysia for 2020 by Marketing In Asia magazine. Prior to the pandemic, Michael was recognized by The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) as Malaysia’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Companies Valued Up to RM 25 Mil, last February.

Michael has been featured on CNN and the United Nations, and was inducted into the Malaysian Book of Records for his efforts in Human Capital Development.